"Behaviour that's admired is the path to power among people everywhere."

Beowulf, Unknown


The Beowulf Foundation is a volunteer-based organization inspired by the epic hero Beowulf, who courageously faced and overcame obstacles to protect his community. We are dedicated to promoting the growth and success of organized minorities through the development of networks, infrastructure and training programs.

Our Vision

A world where individuals are equipped and inspired to confidently face and overcome any obstacle that comes their way, just like modern-day Beowulfs vanquishing Grendels in their lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build bridges between organized minorities and provide the necessary support, training, and services within a realist-in-all-matters frame. We strive to incubate our projects and initiatives as independent entities that can thrive on their own using a business incubator model to foster sustainable growth and increase our impact.

What do we do?

We offer a range of programs and services designed to help organized minorities grow and succeed, including training and development opportunities, networking events and resources for like-minded organized minorities. We are constantly seeking new ways to make a positive impact and are always open to new ideas and partnerships.

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How do we accomplish this?

To achieve our vision and mission, we rely on the contributions of dedicated volunteers and the support of our financial donors. In addition to our volunteer efforts we also operate the Beowulf Society, which provides a way for supporters to contribute financially to our cause.


The Beowulf Foundation operates various brands to support our vision and mission:

Scyldings: Our brand for organizing high-quality events, seminars and other live events as well as providing networking opportunities through our community platform.

Brondings: Our brand for facilitating secure financial services and related applications, acting as a trusted third party to encourage trade between organized minorities.


The Beowulf Foundation Leadership operates currently with an Executive Team only.

Executive Team

J. Greenriver


Black Horse

Executive Advisor


Director of Scyldings

Click below for a list of the warriors that have proved themselves over the years.

Hall of Honor
A list of our staff that have proved themselves over the years Coordinators Esocentrist Project Coordinator Leo Borealis Coordinator Product Managers Luddic Path Product Manager (Praxarchy) Bruleham Product Manager (Brondings)…



  • Unofficially the Beowulf Foundation(with no name) is founded by J. Greenriver
  • Initial launch of Basketweaving


  • Initial launch of Scyldings
  • Our first Scyldings conference focal point in the Midlands, UK is established
  • Initial launch of Praxarchy and TheFab


  • Our second Scyldings conference focal point in Nashville, US is established
  • Initial launch of ArtRight
  • Maven and The Black Horse joins the Executive Team


  • Official launch of the Beowulf Foundation
  • Initial launch of Brondings and The Merchant Guild
  • Relaunch of Praxarchy


  • Rebrand of Basketweaving to Club Weave
  • The DAE is officially announced
  • Eye of Sibyl is officially announced