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Hearken ye, O noble warriors and fair maidens! I bid ye welcome to this gathering, where we stand united in support of a worthy foundation.

As the valiant Beowulf once did battle with the fearsome Grendel and his monstrous mother, so too do we join forces to vanquish the foes of poverty, disease, and despair that afflict our fellow human beings.

Our hearts burn with the fire of courage and compassion, and our swords are not of steel but of gold, for we know that it is through our generous giving that we may bring hope and healing to those in need.

Let us pledge ourselves to this noble cause, and let our deeds shine forth like the gleaming armor of the hero Beowulf, for we are the champions of the weak and the defenders of the downtrodden.

May our efforts be blessed by the All-Father, and may our generosity be a beacon of light to guide those lost in the darkness. For this is our quest, and we shall not falter until we have achieved our goal.