Go independent

Beowulf empowers your audience to collaborate with one another independently from big tech platforms, while maintaining your presence on those platforms so you can continue to grow your audience. Free yourself from the constraints of big-tech algorithms and allow your fanbase to manage itself, with your guidance. To make this happen, we use federated services such as Matrix, Mastodon and Peertube.

What are federated services?

Federated services are open-source projects, providing an open standards for secure, decentralised, real-time communication similar to bigtech solutions like Discord, Twitter and Youtube. It allows you to communicate with and manage your network without relying on big tech or other centralised solutions. Messaging, End-to-End Encryption, VoIP (including video), and Bridging to other platforms are all under your control.

What Beowulf can do

We can host or help you host your own platforms, train your team to operate your communities independently and provide powerful tools to automate administrative and routine tasks. We can also bridge your network into your existing platforms so that you are able to communicate across platforms seamlessly. Your team and your users don't have to be tech savvy however due to the nature of the tasks ahead, it will require learning. Our strategy is focused on being quickly deployed and decentralized, in essence you'll be too small and agile for anyone to care about.


Control your own data

Stop losing data. Hosting your own platform and bridging to others allows you to retain your data (discussions, articles, videos, memes) if you or you users get banned from big tech.

Ban resistance

No need to ask for help to find your friends. Retain your contacts in the event of a social media ban. Your connections are maintained because they exist on your own platform to begin with rather than on someone else’s

Redeploy social media easily

New account on social media? Joining a new social media platform? Just bridge to it, or point your Matrix users to it to redeploy your followers and link back to your own network.

Automate sharing information across platforms

Use our services to automate pushing announcements, or new content, to different social media, or to your matrix audience directly

Retain your existing social media presence

You can start using your own federated platforms to link up to your existing social media platforms. You don’t need to “migrate” users if you don’t want to. It can be a back up if you prefer.

Leverage your community to work on projects or ideas

Unlike short-attention focused big-tech platforms, federated services gives you tools for collaboration that enables your community to work on long-term projects together without fear of getting deleted.



Matrix is the protocol we use for our secure, decentralized communications. Our team can set you up with your own community through Matrix which functions in a similar way to Discord but without the fear of censorship or removal from a central authority or we can host a Matrix server for you.


Peertube is an open source peer-to-peer video hosting and sharing platform. We can host instances of peertube for you so you can host your videos without ads, tracking, or the censorship associated with the major video sharing platforms


Ghost is our most used Content Management System (CMS) for websites. Through ghost we can quickly launch websites for you which serve a variety of purposes with an easy and intuitive way to add or modify content through the dashboard.


We offer our own fully customizable in-house event software. Using this software will give you a customizable front-end for your events as well as provide the tools for ticket sales and management.

Our Process


The Beowulf team can host federated services for you, or teach you how to host it on your own.


We can train your mods and team to take full control of your infrastructure and to use the tools we provide. You retain control over your community.

- Train your moderators in how to build productive communities, work with volunteers, and evaluate participants

Setup and Migration

We can help set up communities, bridge communities from other platforms (e.g. discord, twitter, youtube or telegram) or even assist you in migrating these communities fully on to your federated platforms.


Automate administrative tasks and routine announcements so that you can focus on your priorities. Our tools can help take care of these for you.

- Automating posts across multiple platforms, post one place, have it posted in many places

- Pull news from outlets you pick into your community

- Make community management easier through automation